EvilCast Recap, Episode #195

EvilCastIt is always a welcome surprise when GamesAreEvil alum Michael Migliacio, who now contributes to the likes of IGN and EvilGeniuses.gg, sits in on an episode. Thankfully he picked a hell of a week to jump into the third chair! Along with Blake and Ross, there was talk of PlayStation 4 hitting Japan later than almost every major region, massive Grand Theft Auto V sales after a single day, and Diablo III yanking the auction houses. But that’s not all! Tune in to find out what other late breaking stories slid across the news desk.

With the Xbox One’s release on the horizon, Ross decided to exhaust all of his anonymous sources to generate the Top 5:Pieces of Original Media Coming to Xbox One.” Let us know if you think the list is bullshit in the comments. We would be inclined to agree!

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Links to Topics Discussed

1. Japan continues to get the PS4 shaft.
2. GTA V generates 800 million in sales only 24 hours!
3. Diablo III finally sheds the dead weight.
4. Sega buys Atlus?
5. Gaben teases a potential Steambox announcement

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  • Would a Steambox appeal to you?

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