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Previously on Games Are Evil...

It has come to my attention that last week’s “Previously…” post was missed. I apologize to everyone who was very sad about this.


BOARD STIFF: Presented weekly and stylishly by Tiffany Ralph, this Monday column explores the world of board games, tabletop gaming, and all the analog in between. If you’re headed to a convention anytime soon, don’t miss this latest article!

SWORDS AND ZIPPERS: Weekly on Wednesday from Mike Geib, this JRPG column pays almost exclusive attention to those games which are so very different in style and presentation from our own.

INSERT COIN: Every other Friday Lucas DeWoody brings you this column bi-weekly to talk about the arcade, the console, and all the history and fun in between. No gaming topic is safe from this one.

FREEPLAY Also on a Friday bi-weekly basis, Ed Prosser’s intimacy with the world of mobile and console freedom gets a spotlight to discuss the free-to-play model and all the games that come from it.

THE VAULT: Being an article on retro games, what could be further from the now? But old good is still good, and Lou Page will be here every other Saturday with another great classic blast from the past.

READ.ME: A Sunday weekly entry, Mike G is here to spread the good word on the world of visual novels both all-ages and not, typical and surreal. As the experience of Kara no Shoujo begins, Mike starts to question whether it was a good idea for his dreams to play this one.

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