Song of the Day: The Rebuilt Jedi Enclave (from KoTOR II: the Sith Lords)

YouTube Preview Image

This song, which caps the Knights of the Old Republic II: the Sith Lords’ Light side route and appears once or twice more during the game, is definitely my favorite from the game. Simple; for the orchestra they have going in the rest of the score, this song sticks to a fairly straightforward melody. It throws back to John Williams’ sweeping compositions of old, and does the Star Wars universe much justice.

There’s a part near the end (the song is actually only about a minute or so in length; this clip repeats once) where everything resolves and it sounds like it might be over, but after a brief silence the high strings come in, gently, and it just seems like someone might be saying, “There’s still hope.” If you’ve had the joy of playing through this game, it fits the ending perfectly.

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