Song of the Day: Those Who Fight (from Final Fantasy VII)

YouTube Preview Image

So, Sony released a pretty cruel and clever announcement recently, something along the lines that if the HD remaster of FFX & X-2 sell well enough they might “continue to do more.” Which of course is a giant dangling carrot of, “We’ll remaster FFVII!” that we’ll get our grubby little paws on. So up yours, Sony.

But more to the point, this track is the well-known battle music that accompanies many a fight in Final Fantasy VII, however you’ll notice it sounds much better than in the game. This is of course because as the title of the YouTube video indicates it is the piano version from Advent Children. Regardless of your thoughts on this little media addition to the franchise, the music quality was vastly superior. Should a remaster of FFVII ever be attempted, the overhaul of the music to full orchestra would be one of the greatest features of the game which was already a masterpiece.

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