Song of the Day: Burn My Dread (from Persona 3)

YouTube Preview Image

The Persona series is unforgettable, but what really grinds my gears is the inordinate amount of attention Persona 4 gets. This of course is not to say that I haven’t put over 100 hours into the game – of course I have. What it is to say is that there are three other games in the series that are also pretty incredible. P1 and P2 are really good, but for now we’ll look at P3.

Persona 3 is my personal favorite out of the series because of its incredibly dark aesthetic. The stakes are undoubtedly higher, the characters are just a little grittier, and it all-around tickles my fancy just a little more. The music reflects this as well, except for the quite-jaunty opening sequence and intro theme, Burn My Dread, which also has an alternative battle mix that’s fairly badass.

Shoji Meguro’s musical style is ridiculously recognizable and Persona 3 is no exception. The version above is the song as heard (and seen?) in the game; an example of the full version is here. Persona 3’s tracks are pretty grungy and less-whimsical than the more-popular P4’s background tunes, but they’re no less Shoji Meguro – and no less heart-wrenching when the emotions hit the fan.

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