Song of the Day: Intro (from Radiata Stories)

YouTube Preview Image

In a previous article from the Vault, we took a look at tri-Ace’s classic Radiata Stories, a JRPG that easily sets itself apart from the crowd with its massive cast of NPC’s and a dynamic, intriguing story.

Radiata Stories’ soundtrack also adds to this chasm. Unlike other tri-Ace games, the score for Radiata Stories was composed by Noriyuki Iwadere as opposed to Motoi Sakuraba (though three of his compositions from Star Ocean and Valkyrie Profile get cameo arrangements by Noriyuki). It’s a mix of classically-inspired orchestrations and flat-out hilarious jazz tunes, but the title theme and intro which are shown above definitely fall into the latter theme. Belying the often silly tone the game takes at times, the intros give a better sense of the overall theme of the game as it looks at the struggles of one frankly incompetent (to begin with) knight-in-training as he works against quite the stack of odds to make something of his career and, as these things often work, the fate of the world.

And yes, the female lead wields a humongous axe and thrashes the main character with it on numerous occasions. Always while set to great background music.

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