Previously on GamesAreEvil: May 20, 2013

Previously on Games Are Evil...

Awwwwwwwwww, yiss. Muthafuckin’. Recap time. The latest happenings of GamesAreEvil, brought to you by tater-tots:


BOARD STIFF Tiffany goes on a power trip with another game that will educate dictators-to-be on the effective management (and forcible seizure) of a Power Grid

SWORDS AND ZIPPERS After drying his eyes and recovering from a fit of introspection, Mike tries to enunciate the human condition as seen through the excellent lens of Fragile Dreams

FREEPLAY The future of mobile gaming may be here, but it was a future that didn’t exist ten years ago. Lucas wonders where it’s going next.

THE VAULT Get your brains ready for the strategy classic Ring of Red, this time courtesy of Lou who reminds us that Alternate Universe strategy games are awesome – and even better with mechs.

READ.ME Visual novels, though very similar to regular old books, can still be pretty confusing – but sometimes that’s the point. Mike waxes about the pros and cons of guides to our favorite narrative-driven medium.

Song of the Day

Our daily game music feature aims to highlight the best in video game soundtracks from today and yesteryear. Here’s what you missed between Monday and Sunday last week:

Other Stuff

Ross brings us the latest Release of the Week. Metro: Last Light is not a game to be missed.

If you’ve ever wondered how GlaDOS would fare in a game of poker, Blake’s latest review of Poker Night at the Inventory 2 might give you a hint.

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