Song of the Day: Time Scanner (ZX Spectrum) Soundtrack

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Lucas has written all about virtual pinball today — a subject close to Blake’s heart, as many of you will know — and so I figured for today’s Song of the Day I’d try and find something virtual pinball-related. This actually proved rather more difficult than I anticipated, but then I remembered an incredibly old game called Time Scanner, which was originally an arcade game that simulated pinball — i.e. it was a pinball video game arcade machine rather than an actual physical pinball table — and which was subsequently ported to a whole bunch of other platforms, including Sinclair’s ZX Spectrum, an 8-bit home computer that was particularly popular in Europe. The Spectrum was technically inferior to most of the other home computers around at the time, which included the Commodore 64 and the Atari 8-bit range of computers (among others), but it was the platform of choice for many developers for various reasons.

Why did Time Scanner pop into my head today? No idea — I never actually played it. I do vividly recall a cassette tape being on the front cover of a magazine I had when I grew up, however, which featured music from (or possibly inspired by) the game — including a rather Paul Hardcastle-esque “T-T-T-TIME SCANNER T-T-T-TIME SCANNER” vocal at one point. While I couldn’t find that exact track, I did instead find 20 minutes of beeps, farts and burbles from the Spectrum’s dreadful sound chip for you to enjoy.

So, uh, enjoy.

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