Song of the Day: Ebony Wings (from Castlevania HD)

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The much-maligned Castlevania: Harmony of Despair (aka Castlevania HD) may not be the best game in the long-running series, but it’s certainly a fun experience for true Castlevania fans. Unfolding over a series of small, self-contained levels rather than the sprawling Metroidvania adventures of the other games, Castlevania HD is Castlevania for people who like cooperative multiplayer hack-and-slash like Diablo. It combines the distinctive pixel art and excellent animation of the PS1, GBA and DS games with short, snappy levels designed for cooperative online play… and it’s also enormously challenging, so while the relatively small number of levels on offer may put some people off a bit, this is a game that will potentially keep you busy for quite some time, particularly if you decide you want to power up all of the available characters and top the leaderboards.

Castlevania HD is available now via both XBLA and PSN. If you have the choice, I’d go for the PS3 version as it has additional content that was originally DLC in the 360 version as well as the facility for local multiplayer as well as online.

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