Song of the Day: Burning Halloween Town (Deathsmiles)

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Lucas’ Insert Coin column today is about some classic shoot ‘em ups, so I thought for today’s Song of the Day I’d share a stirring piece of music from one of my favorite “bullet hell” shmups of all time.

Cave’s Deathsmiles is noteworthy for a number of reasons: 1) It’s awesome. 2) It’s one of the relatively few danmaku shooters to make it over to Western territories. 3) It’s one of the relatively few Japanese-developed games for the Xbox 360. 4) It’s one of the best games on iOS. 5) It has character designs that make grown men feel very uncomfortable indeed. 6) It’s awesome. Oh, did I mention that already? All right. 6) It has awesome music. Happy now?

Deathsmiles is available for Xbox 360 via Games on Demand in Europe, but its Japanese-language sequel is available via Games on Demand in North America. You can also grab the excellent iOS port from the App Store.

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