Previously on Games Are Evil: March 11, 2013

Previously on Games Are Evil...

It seems to actually be getting colder where I am, not warmer. So much for the impending springtime — or perhaps it’s just winter’s last hurrah. Either way, I don’t feel much like going outside, which is just fine with me, really, because I have a backlog the size of a really tall thing to get cracking on. But you’re not here to read about my hermit-life existence, are you? No, if you’re reading this page it’s doubtless because you want to catch up on what you missed last week here on Games Are Evil. All right then, here we go:


BOARD STIFF: Tiffany checks out the new edition of Z-Man Games’ cooperative board game classic Pandemic.

TACTICAL TUESDAY: We had trouble finding Alex Connolly for a while, then we received this curious missive that answered all our questions…

SWORDS & ZIPPERS: Continuing his journey through Gust’s strange and wonderful fantasy lands, Pete takes a first look at the second Ar Tonelico game.

FREEPLAY: Ed examines why popular online eSports broadcaster GOM TV might have chosen’s World of Tanks as the new addition to its programming.

INSERT COIN: Lucas contemplates the fact that we’re standing on the cusp of pinball’s great revival — all thanks to video games.

READ.ME: Pete continues his discussion of Overdrive’s Kira Kira with an exploration of Kirari’s surprising, memorable and emotional route.

Song of the Day

Our daily game music feature aims to highlight the best in video game soundtracks from today and yesteryear. Here’s what you missed between Monday and Sunday last week:


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