EvilCast Recap, Episode #168

EvilCastThey may have had to take last week off, but just in time for St. Patties Day the entire cast is reunited again. Why not join your favorite gaming drunks and knock back a few libations (except Keri, of course) while talking about the week’s top gaming news. Find out what everyone thinks of the SimCity debacle, the 3G Vita’s price cut stateside, and Nintendo landing in legal hot water over the 3DS. And that was just the tip of the iceberg…

Continuing his yearly tradition of alcohol fueled serenading, Ross has arranged a special tune for the listeners. But that is not all that he brought to the table, because he also managed to stammer through hisĀ  Top 5:Worst Game Launches EVER!” Did you manage to drink enough to enjoy his musical voice? Yeah, neither had the rest of the cast.

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Links to Topics Discussed

1. SimCity’s offline mode unlocked
2. Piston’s Steambox isn’t quite a Steambox anymore
3. Could the 3G Vita sale indicate the model going away?
3. Nintendo has to pay out big for 3DS tech theft

Open To The Public:

  • Are you enjoying a green beer right now?

The Evil Cast:

  • An Irish Drinking Song, Just Waiting To Happen: Chris Nitz, Keri Honea, Ross Polly and Blake Grundman

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