Song of the Day: Below the Asteroids (from EVE Online)

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I triedĀ EVE OnlineĀ a while back. I found it an utterly terrifying experience. I sort of loved it for that, but I also knew at that point that I’d never be able to commit the time required to have a successful spacefaring career, and would almost definitely never be involved in the sort of huge, high-stakes space battles that make the headlines on gaming sites. I felt like a tiny little fly in a universe full of possibilities, and it was both unnerving and thrilling. I sort of wish I had time to play it properly, but I know I’d have to give up everything else I played in order to do so, and I’m not willing to do that right now.

One thing that really struck me during my brief time trying it out was what a beautiful, atmospheric game it is. The visuals have their own distinctive look and feel, and the backing music complements the whole experience perfectly. The whole game universe has such a wonderfully consistent audio-visual aesthetic that it’s entirely understandable how people get so utterly engrossed in it.

This track is apparently one of the more popular pieces from the official soundtrack, and it captures that feeling of loneliness in space perfectly with its crunchy drumbeats and mysterious synth sounds. Enjoy.

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