Previously on Games Are Evil: February 4, 2013

Previously on Games Are Evil...

Happy February! That’s one month out of twelve down already. That wasn’t so difficult, was it? 2013 will be over before you know it. Allow us to help the time pass a little more smoothly with some fine reading material for your delectation — including the first installment of a new column and the return of a classic. More new stuff is coming your way this week, too, so keep those eyes peeled. (That’s a horrible phrase, isn’t it? Who thought “peeling your eyes” would be a good way to tell people to watch out for something? Ugh.)


OVERTHINKING IT: Calin Grajko takes time out from his sickbed to pen a few words on the recent resurgence in cyberpunk and “future noir.”

EVIL.JP: Mike Migliacio looks at the latest Japanese franchise to get the “Westernization” treatment: Capcom’s Devil May Cry.

SWORDS & ZIPPERS: In a specially-extended column, Pete takes to social media to take the pulse of the community and figure out why some JRPGs resonate more with the masses than others.

INSERT COIN: Lucas DeWoody contemplates the black sheep of the Street Fighter family, the much-maligned Street Fighter EX.

THE VAULT: New GrE contributor Mike Geib reopens The Vault for business, and finds himself tumbling headlong into SSI’s classic roguelike Dungeon Hack.

GAMERS ON THE GO: Another new GrE contributor appears! Chase Koeneke kicks off our new Gamers on the Go column, focusing on handheld games.

READ.ME: Pete ponders why the West should probably stop being such prudes and embrace the exploration of sexuality in games.

Song of the Day

Our daily game music feature aims to highlight the best in video game soundtracks from today and yesteryear. Here’s what you missed between Monday and Sunday last week:


  • Croixleur (PC) — a fun, arcadey hack-and-slash, and the latest Japanese doujin game to make it to the West courtesy of Nyu Media.

We hope you’ve been enjoying the new-style Games Are Evil. Be sure to let us know what you think in the comments.

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