Song of the Day: Dune Spice Opera

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Back in the days before computer and console hardware had the power and storage capacity to provide us with what was known for a while as a “CD-quality soundtrack,” it wasn’t at all unusual for various titles to release remixed soundtracks, or even bundle them in with the game media in some cases. Those who are old enough to remember the 1988 original version of Carrier Command will doubtless have fond memories of the cassette tape that came with the game diskettes, for example.

1992’s Dune actually had an entire sold-separately album released in celebration of its atmospheric FM-synthesized AdLib/Soundblaster soundtrack. Dubbed Spice Opera, this album is now extremely difficult (and/or expensive) to find in physical form, largely because it’s out of print and also because composer Stéphane Picq has tried and failed to get the rights back from EMI, who now own the original label Virgin Records. Fortunately, of course, Picq’s inability to rerelease his own work hasn’t stopped YouTube users from uploading tracks from the album for your delectation, the first of which you can hear above.

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