Song of the Day: Deus Ex Main Theme

YouTube Preview Image

In honor of today’s Overthinking It column, which focuses on the recent growth of the cyberpunk/future noir genre, here’s the theme from one of the most iconic games to use this kind of moody, dystopian, futuristic aesthetic: Ion Storm’s Deus Ex. Just to be fancy-pants, too, this is the orchestral version of the theme heard in the flappy-mouth PS2 version rather than the synth-heavy PC original.

Certain sounds are very much associated with cyberpunk, and this can at least partly be attributed to Vangelis’ soundtrack to the movie Blade Runner. It’s pretty telling that a movie that came out way back in 1982 is still influential enough to inspire modern artists, storytellers and musicians to explore this particular interpretation of what we’ll be doing in the future — even if with each passing year, more and more “predictions” become completely inaccurate!

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