Release of the Week: Dungeonland (PC, Mac)

DungeonlandDungeonland is a cooperative action-RPG from Brazilian start-up game developer Critical Studio. While publisher Paradox Interactive is best known for its historical and strategy games, lately it has been publishing some successful lighthearted fantasy games as well. Dungeonland fits right in with these. Playing as either a rogue, wizard or warrior, players must battle through a high fantasy theme park full of enemies.

The cooperative nature of Dungeonland is what sets it apart. Characters can simply hack and slash their way through their enemies, but they can also combine their powers to form new attacks. The game’s Dungeon Maestro randomizes monsters, treasure and other dangers to ensure that each play through is unique. Bored with fighting the mindless hordes? You can also play as the Dungeon Maestro himself complete with your own spells, controllable boss monsters and even an “Evil Laugh” button.

Not all games need to be 40-hour epics or have bleeding edge graphics. Sometimes you just need to team up with friends for some mindless, goofy fun. Like Magicka and A Game of Dwarves before it, Paradox hopes this goofy little dungeon crawler will bring friends together for some laughs. Head to the Dungeonland website for some more information, including what a dragon with a wizard’s hat looks like.

Heavy Fire: Shattered Spear (360, PS3, PC)

Shattered Spear is the sequel to Heavy Fire: Afghanistan. A spy has recovered plans for a secret nuclear weapons facility in Iran. Unfortunately he’s been captured and needs rescued. Heavy Fire is an on-rails shooter that is playable with up to four players. Like Dungeonland, this is a cheap game meant to be played with friends. No arcade required for this on-rails experience!

Hitman HD Trilogy (360, PS3)

One of the greatest stealth series of all time is getting an HD rerelease. Included in the pack is Hitman 2: Silent Assassin, Hitman Contracts, and Hitman: Blood Money. Players can experience the red-tied assassin’s greatest missions in all their High Definition glory. The pack doesn’t include Hitman Codename 47, probably because 47 is embarrassed by his early college years. Or something like that.

Skulls of the Shogun (360, PC)

Skulls of the Shogun is a turn-based tactical game about a betrayed samurai set on conquering the afterlife. Using your rag-tag group of followers you will engage in Advance Wars-style battles against the man who betrayed you. Apparently killing the general on the eve of your greatest battle doesn’t improve your chances of surviving said battle. In addition to your normal warriors, Skulls of the Shogun incorporates magic-wielding monks and powerful gods into the fray.

Let’s Fish! Hooked On (Vita)

If there is one thing that the PlayStation Vita is missing, it’s a good fishing game. Let’s Fish! Hooked On follows four characters, each with their own wild and outlandish fishing stories. You’ll never believe how big the one that got away was! The game combines anime style artwork, realistic fishing action and arcade-style gameplay. It comes from Sims, the developers of Sega Bass Fishing, which confirms that game development studios can also go through a mid-life crisis.

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