Previously on Games Are Evil: January 7, 2013

Previously on Games Are Evil...

Happy new year! These recaps took a short break over the holiday period, but we’re back, baby. You may notice the lack of the News section — that’s because we’re slowly drifting away from your bog-standard gaming news coverage and more towards a stronger focus on our long-form pieces for our regular columns each week. Be sure to keep an eye on our daily Song of the Day posts, though, because there’ll often be a few tidbits of related news along with the music each day from now on!

To make up for the recap’s absence, you’ll find all the columns from the last few weeks listed below so you can catch up at your leisure. In the next few weeks, we’ll be seeing some new columnists joining our ranks, too, so be sure to give them your support when their first piece hits the site!

Also, be sure not to miss our 2012 Games of the Year feature, in which our regular contributors share their favorite titles they played in the last year. I think you’ll be surprised at some of our picks!


In the last official EvilCast of 2012, Keri, Chris, Blake and Ross convene to discuss their games of the year and THQ’s financial woes. Listen now!



  • Alex checks out the newly-revamped — sorry, “reloaded” edition of flawed strategy title Fray. Fire!
  • Alex gives us the second part of his Smugglers V narrative. Secession!


  • Pete explores one of the Wii’s three “swansong” titles — the immense Xenoblade Chronicles from Monolithsoft. Attack!
  • Pete reminisces about his introduction to the JRPG genre through Square’s PS1 classic Final Fantasy VII. Magic!
  • Pete contemplates the joyful fun of Recettear: An Item Shop’s Tale. Item!
  • Pete checks out RPG Maker VX Ace, a piece of software powerful enough to let you make a fully-featured JRPG. Run!


  • Pete checks out the free chaotic iOS party game Spaceteam and forgets to frog-blast the vent core. ASTEROID!
  • Pete explores the peculiar Source mod The Stanley Parable, set to get an “HD” version this year. Obey!
  • is home to some great freebies. Pete explores the pick of them. Free!
  • Pete explores the StoryNexus from Failbetter Games, a free repository of interactive online stories. Read!


  • Lucas delves into the ’80s/’90s 3D legacy that the once-great Atari left behind. Vertices!
  • Lucas checks out the mark Midway left on the arcade racing genre. Accelerate!
  • Lucas strokes his chin and contemplates home console games that really should have hit arcades. Credits!


  • Pete discovers Western developer Hanako Games’ excellent “life sim”/visual novel Magical Diary. Lumos!
  • Pete gets spoileriffic with Magical Diary and a deeper reading of the character of Damien. Evil!
  • Pete waxes lyrical about the Ace Attorney series for Nintendo DS. Objection!
  • Pete draws up a “reading list” of five visual novels you might want to check out in the new year. CG!


  • Mike looks at the new NeoGeo handheld and comes away with mixed feelings. SNK!

Song of the Day

Our daily game music feature aims to highlight the best in video game soundtracks from today and yesteryear. Here’s what you missed between Monday and Sunday last week:


We hope you’ve been enjoying the new-style Games Are Evil. Be sure to let us know what you think in the comments.

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