Previously on Games Are Evil: January 28, 2013

Previously on Games Are Evil...

I know I said January was nearly gone last week, but it’s still here, lingering like a bad smell. A month-long bad smell. You know, like that time… err, actually, never mind. Anyway, here’s the stuff we posted last week for you to enjoy at your leisure.

Exciting news! We’ve got some brand-new columns coming soon, so watch out for those in the coming weeks.

Also, be sure not to miss our 2012 Games of the Year feature, in which our regular contributors share their favorite titles they played in the last year. I think you’ll be surprised at some of our picks, assuming you haven’t read this already by now. I might stop pimping it when we hit February, but then again I might not.


TACTICAL TUESDAY: Alex Connolly descends to the desert planet of Arrakis and gets rather wrapped up in Cryo’s classic adventure-strategy hybrid title Dune.

SWORDS & ZIPPERS: Pete, now clearly beyond help, shouts from the rooftops about the colorful, hilarious nonsense that is Hyperdimension Neptunia Mk2.

FREEPLAY: Pete ponders the art of the demo, and how a good one can provide hours of completely free entertainment.

READ.ME: Pete takes a look at the slice-of-life visual novel Kira Kira, a title which will appeal to music fans the world over.

Insert Coin will be back later this week.

Song of the Day

Our daily game music feature aims to highlight the best in video game soundtracks from today and yesteryear. Here’s what you missed between Monday and Sunday last week:

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