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Hello, everyone! I hope you’ve had a good week so far and that you’ve enjoyed this week’s columns.

I’m writing to you today with a request for your help, if you think you’re up to the challenge.

You’re hopefully already familiar with our currently-running regular columns, which include strategy game column Tactical Tuesday and Japanese gaming column Evil.JP on alternating Tuesdays, JRPG column Swords & Zippers on Wednesdays, freeware/free-to-play/free gaming column FreePlay on Thursdays, arcade culture column Insert Coin on Fridays and visual novel column READ.ME on Sundays. You also hopefully caught the first in our series of bi-weekly long-form, deep analysis Overthinking It columns last week, and another new column will be coming very soon. If you’re not familiar with some of those columns, feel free to follow those links; if you are, hopefully you enjoy what our small but dedicated team puts out for you each week.

I’d like to expand said team, though, so we can put out some additional columns each week, and so that more writers have an opportunity to hone their skills and get their work seen by the public. It’s also always good to have extra people on hand if interesting review copies or other opportunities come in — and from your perspective, free stuff is always nice.

Games Are Evil is, as you may know, put together on the free time of everyone who contributes, and I’m enormously grateful to everyone who gives up their time to help out. The fact the entire site is run on a voluntary basis, however, including my own contributions and management, means that I can’t pay anyone for their work. I know it’s a contentious point in the overcrowded games website market, but there it is; I like to think we’re doing something a little bit different here, but that also means we have a relatively small audience and thus little opportunity to actually make money at the moment.

Here’s what I’m looking for: At least 1,000 words on a gaming niche of your choice on either a weekly or bi-weekly (every other week) basis. Beyond that, it’s entirely up to you how you handle each installment of your column; you can tell personal stories, focus on a specific game each week or talk more generally about themes and trends. Take a look at the columns linked above for some examples of what we’re already doing if you’re not familiar.

Regarding the “gaming niche” part, I’m open to anything we’re not already covering. Specifically, I’d like someone to take over the Thursday FreePlay column, and someone to resurrect the “overlooked classics” retro column The Vault which we used to run on Saturdays. I’m also interested in hearing from people who play e-sports games such as League of LegendsStarcraft 2 and TrackMania/ShootMania, either from a player or a knowledgeable fan’s perspective. Don’t feel this is all we’re looking for, though — if you have a thing for obscure Eastern European role-playing games, for example, that could be a nice accompaniment to Swords & Zippers; if you’re a fan of mobile gaming, that could also make a great column, highlighting the best games on iOS and Android each week. I’m open to any suggestions, so don’t hold back.

If you are interested in being part of the Games Are Evil team and contributing regularly, please get in touch via pete [at] gamesareevil [dot] com. Please include a brief note explaining who you are, how often you’re available (once per week or bi-weekly) and any background you have in writing for the Web, if any — whether that’s blogging regularly on a personal basis, or whether you’ve been published anywhere else. I’m not worried if you haven’t been published anywhere big or don’t have a massive portfolio of masterpieces to share, but at least a bit of experience is obviously preferable where possible. Please also include a sample of the column you’re proposing of somewhere around 1,000 words in length, and a suggested title for the new column. I’ll try and respond to everyone who gets in touch as soon as possible and then, if you have a good idea to run with, we can look at where to go from there.

Thanks for your time, and I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Pete Davison
Managing Editor

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