Song of the Day: Theme from Myst

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This will probably hurt my credibility to admit, but I have never played any of the Myst games. This is perhaps doubly embarrassing due to the fact that I own all of them not once but twice — once in a physical pack that was released before digital distribution really took off, and again when rereleased them. I am yet to even install any of them, let alone play any of them. They scare me a bit.

But I digress. Today’s Song of the Day hails from the very first game in this legendary series. It’s the main theme, composed by Robyn Miller, and helped to set the tone for what was to come. And in an uncharacteristic display of maturity and intelligence, the YouTube commenters on this particular video have nothing but pleasant things to say about it. Most of the comments are rather nostalgic in nature, noting that this song brings back pleasant memories of an incredibly challenging adventure which, let’s not forget, a lot of people managed to get through¬†without¬†resorting to GameFAQs.


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