Song of the Day: Gaur Plains (from Xenoblade Chronicles)

YouTube Preview Image

In honor of this week’s celebration of Monolithsoft’s rather magnificent Xenoblade Chronicles in our regular Swords & Zippers column, here’s a piece of music from the game’s soundtrack. Gaur Plains is a memorable “overworld” theme from one of the zones in the game. It’s an impressive zone to look at, too, covered in rolling, grassy hills and impressive, physically improbable rocky crags.

The music itself is pretty interesting. Rather than taking the usual orchestral approach favored by many role-playing games — both Japanese and Western — this piece is somewhat reminiscent of something you might hear in the 1970s. The thumping bassline also made my neighbors bang on my front door more than once, so yay for that, I guess?

If you’re a long-time Wii owner or the Wii U is your first encounter with Nintendo’s modern consoles, Xenoblade Chronicles is well worth your time. Check it out if you’ve got a spare hundred hours or so.

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