News: Cyan Worlds Games 60% Off on This Weekend

Never played Myst and don’t already rather embarrassingly own two copies of the whole series that you are yet to even install like I do? This weekend is a good opportunity to rectify that, as digital distribution specialists are having a big sale on all of developer Cyan Worlds’ games, ranging from the pre-Myst Manhole¬†right up to the most recent entries in the legendary adventure series.

For those who have never played the Myst series, they’re a series of highly imaginative, extremely challenging first-person point and click adventure games that, at the time of release, consistently pushed the boundaries of gaming technology. Myst in particular played a big part in the CD-ROM revolution, which in turn helped lead us to the bloated masses of gigabytes that are modern games. It also used to be the go-to title for Mac owners to laugh at PC owners and go “Hah! We have games too!” but that problem has since ceased to be quite so much as an issue in recent years.

All of the games in the series plus the gloriously surreal Manhole¬†are available for 60% off their usual price. You’ve got about three and a half days to take advantage of this offer at the time of writing — get to it!


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