News: Austin Wintory Scoring Leisure Suit Larry Remake

Here’s a genuinely-surprising little tidbit for you: Austin Wintory — yes, the dude who wrote the Journey soundtrack, won a VGA and got his work nominated for a Grammy — is composing the soundtrack to the upcoming Leisure Suit Larry remake by Replay Games.

Wait, what?

It’s true. A blog post on the company’s website today announced the news, which is understandably very exciting for the team — and quite possibly for Wintory, too, who is getting the opportunity to work on the resurrection of a long-running classic series of PC games. (We’ll… just ignore the more recent entries.)

Leisure Suit Larry, for the uninitiated, was originally a series of adventure games from the creative mind of Al Lowe at Sierra. The title character Larry Laffer was a fortysomething failed womanizer who was looking to “get lucky” and found himself instead getting into all manner of double entendre-infested scrapes. As the series progressed, it made good use of technological advances to get increasingly risque, but all but died a death after the sixth entry in the series Leisure Suit Larry: Love for Sail in 1996. Two more Larry games hit the market since then, but neither of them had any involvement from either Lowe or the now-defunct Sierra.

Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded is a return to the series’ roots — and to its original creator Al Lowe. It’s the second remake of the first game in the series, which originally came out in 1987 and was subsequently revamped in 1991. The new version, which was funded via Kickstarter recently, features fancy-pants modernized graphics, revamped puzzles, new locations and, of course, Wintory’s soundtrack — so even series veterans should find something to like here.

The new game will hit PC, Mac, iOS and Android when it’s finished — while you wait, you can follow its development progress via Replay Games’ site.

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