Song of the Day: Tyrian (from Tyrian)

YouTube Preview Image

Ahh, MIDI. Delicious MIDI. How we used to love you despite how cheesy and tinny you were.

Tyrian, a shareware shoot ‘em up that you can now grab in its full registered version glory for free from, used to be one of my favorite games, not just because it was a great shooter, but also because it had a memorable soundtrack. This particular track hailed from the first level and exemplifies an approach that a lot of shmup makers are still using today — starting the game with a cheerful, upbeat track that sounds like the last thing you’d expect things to be exploding to.

Fun fact: for today’s Song of the Day I was trying to grab some of the music from ARC Squadron, but searching for “ARC Squadron soundtrack” on YouTube instead led me to this. I’m not complaining.

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