News: Some Sir, You Are Being Hunted Gameplay Footage

YouTube Preview Image

If you’ve been paying attention to the indie games/Kickstarter scene recently, you may already be aware of Sir, You Are Being Hunted — in fact, we’ve posted about it a couple of times in the past. Developed by “Big Robot,” a team led by games journalist and writer Jim Rossignol of Rock, Paper, Shotgun, the game is a procedurally-generated stealth-based game in which you must explore, scavenge, survive and escape from the terrifying robotic gentlemen who are hunting you down.

A new video released today by the team shows a bunch of gameplay, including how the Thief-style visibility meter works, how combat and traps work, how awesome the randomly-generated landscapes and villages look, and how visually-impressive the game looks overall.

The project’s Kickstarter drive still has 12 days to go and has already exceeded its £40,000 target. If you’d like to find out more or contribute, check it out for yourself here.

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