News: Pixel Art + Sexy Lighting = Legend of Dungeon

YouTube Preview Image

The curiously-named Robot<3Kitty (pronounced “Robot Loves Kitty”) has a neat-looking — if rather generically-titled — new game on the way. Legend of Dungeon is a “four-player co-op rogue-like-like beat’em up with dynamic lighting on AWESOME pixel art” that is coming soon for Mac, PC and Linux. Judging from the gameplay video above, it looks like a pleasing cross between something like Golden Axe and underappreciated four-player original Xbox action RPG Dungeons and Dragons Heroes. (I’m almost certain I’m the only person reading this who has played that.)

One of the game’s unique selling points is its use of graphical techniques that are normally reserved for flashy 3D graphics being applied to simple 2D pixel art. Bump mapping, normal mapping and dynamic lighting are all present and correct in Legend of Dungeon’s aesthetic, giving it a great look that blends old-school graphics with modern special effects.

You can follow the game’s development via its official website and dev blog.

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