News: Latest Game Music Bundle is Awesome

Yes, it’s another news story with the word “bundle” in it, but hold your horses there, cowboy. This ain’t no bundle full of games you’ll feel guilty about adding to your Steam library and then possibly never get around to playing. (Yes, I know you do that. Why? Because I do it too.)

No, instead, as its title suggests, this is a bundle of some aural pleasure in the form of several excellent game soundtracks. Specifically, it includes Eirik Suhrke’s music for Spelunky; the Retro City Rampage soundtrack, featuring virt, Freaky DNA and Norrin Radd; Jim “Sworcery” Guthrie’s soundtrack to Indie Game: The Movie; Jessica Curry’s music for Dear Esther; and Disasterpeace’s Shoot Many Robots soundtrack. Pay $1 or more and you’ll get access to those excellent soundtracks.

Pay $10 or more, however, and you’ll also get awesome remix/arrange compilation album Joypad Powerup; Kanto Symphony, which is an album of music inspired by the first three Pokémon games (Red, Blue and Yellow); the Skyrim main theme performed using a single person’s voice and violin by Peter Hollens and Lindsey Stirling; chiptune album Adventures in Pixels from Ben Landis; and short 4-track chiptune collection Jottobots from Josh Whelchel.

You’ve got just over five days to get your hand on the new bundle. Find out more here.

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