News: Johann Sebastian Joust and ‘Sportsfriends’ Seek Kickstarter Funding

If you’ve been keeping up to date with strange, creative uses of video game technology to provide rather unconventional interactive experiences, you may already be familiar with Johann Sebastian Joust. The game, which features no graphics and requires players to look at each other rather than the TV screen, tasks its participants with jostling each others PlayStation Move controllers over an allowable threshold that corresponds to the piece of music that is playing at the time. Waggle your wand around too much and you’re out. Be the last one standing and you’re the winner. Naturally, much of the game involves trying to lay the smack down on your opponents while not bumping your own Move controller around too much.

Johann Sebastian Joust, being a rather peculiar game at its core, had difficulty attracting a publisher, but now it’s well on the way to seeing an official release on PS3 and, hopefully, other platforms — it’s launched a Kickstarter campaign in collaboration with a number of other interesting, unconventional and downright odd sports-themed titles, collectively known as Sportsfriends.

The aim of the Sportsfriends collection is to bring together a collection of games that are fun for people to play together in the same room — and which are almost as much fun to spectate as they are to participate in. The collection will include Johann Sebastian Joust, a “fighting/sports game” known as BaraBariBall, a minimalist team game known as Hokra, and a new game from sadistic bastard and QWOP creator Bennett Foddy known as Super Pole Riders.

The aim is to release the bundle in the fall of next year on PS3, with Mac, PC and Linux versions to follow. The team is seeking a total of $150,000 to take the current prototypes to complete status, and those who pledge at least $30 will gain access to early alpha versions as soon as the Kickstarter campaign ends in just under a month.

If you want to help out or just find out more, check out the Kickstarter page here.

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