News: ‘Furiosity’ Takes ‘Curiosity’ and Remembers to Add a Game

Have you played Peter Molyneux’s latest effort Curiosity: What’s Inside the Cube yet? You can download it for free on iOS and Android. If you have one of the devices in question, go on and give it a go. I’ll wait.

Back? Good. Sort of rubbish, isn’t it? Yes, you tap on a cube and can draw penises and see other people drawing penises, but, well, that’s about it. Also, if the reports of $50,000 DLC are to be believed, it’s also a bit obnoxious. Social experiment my ass. But I digress.

Still, the idea of everyone competing to be the first to make it to the center of something is an interesting one at its core, no pun intended, so developer Bart Bonte decided to build on the base concept with Furiosity. Furiosity is a game built for the Fuck This Jam game jam earlier this month, in which developers work to create a game in a genre they hate.

Furiosity is a puzzle game in which participants must “strip away every layer of the game not mindlessly, but by logical thinking.” Like Curiosity, the first player to clear the last layer will “win something possibly amazing.”

Try it out for yourself here.

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