News: Dragon’s Dogma Original Soundtrack Available Nov 13

Once upon a time, it was a right old pain to get hold of video game soundtracks. You either had to rip them yourself or import them from abroad, usually at great expense. Thankfully, we have left those days far behind us, and a large number of games now release their soundtracks via digital storefronts such as iTunes and Amazon, or sometimes via services such as Bandcamp.

At least part of the reason we see a lot more soundtracks getting released in the West nowadays is due to the efforts of Sumthing Else Music Works, a company set up in the late ’90s. Sumthing has partnered with a wide variety of publishers to get their soundtracks released, including BioWare, Bungie, Capcom, Crytek, Eidos, Epic, Gearbox, Microsoft, Sega, Sony, Square-Enix, Trion Worlds and THQ.

The latest soundtrack to be released by the company is that of Dragon’s Dogma, Capcom’s well-received open-world RPG from earlier this year. The score includes contributions from Tadayoshi Makino (Monster Hunter), Inon Zur (Dragon Age), Rei Kondoh (Devil May Cry 4) and Chamy Ishi (Devil May Cry 4), making it something of an “all-star” collaboration.

“The original concept for the music of Dragon’s Dogma was music that the listener could physically feel, such as the rush of the winds and the pull of the tides, but I took care to not make each piece too assertive,” said Makino, who led up the composition efforts. “I thought by using the smaller pieces as accents, I would be able to make the all-important main theme that much more memorable. I poured everything I had into expressing the splendor and uniqueness of the Dragon’s Dogma world.”

The Dragon’s Dogma Original Soundtrack album will be available from November 13 via Sumthing Else’s website as well as digitally from iTunes and Amazon’s MP3 store.

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