News: ARC Squadron Gets Update, Price Drop

The utterly fabulous ARC Squadron for iOS has received a major update including iCloud save game support, improved control sensitivity options and new items to spend your hard-earned in-game currency on. In celebration of the update (which has now itself been updated so it doesn’t break people’s save games any more — whoops) the team at Psyonix has put the game on sale for just $0.99. This is a considerable saving on its usual price, so if you’ve been complaining that it’s “too expensive” (seriously, it’s like the price of a Starbucks latte) then stop your moaning and just go download it. You heard me.

Need any further convincing? Check out my review, in which I referred to it as “one of the best ‘pure games’ that has been released this year on any platform, and an essential purchase for all iOS gamers.”

Come on. It’s Star Fox. In your pocket. On your phone. IT’S AWESOME. Can I make this any more clear?

Oh, right, a link. Here you go.

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