EvilCast Recap, Episode #153


There has been a great disturbance in The Force over the last couple of days. Just like the Emperor had foreseen, LucasArts were purchased by Disney, and have in turn spun the entire entertainment industry, gaming included, on its collective ear. Chris, Ross, Keri and Blake assess the effect this will have on gaming as well as their future licensing opportunities. Don’t worry though, this was far from the only story worth talking about.  Other discussions included Grand Theft Auto V getting a release window, EA complaining about mediocre sales for Medal of Honor, and the state of Rhode Island deciding to sue EVERYONE.

Just like expected, Ross decided to grace listeners with the his ever-topical Top 5:Ways The LucasArts / Disney Purchase Impacts Gamers.” This is probably not the last we are going to hear about this acquisition…

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Links to Topics Discussed

1. Disney now owns the LucasFilm empire
2. Is Microsoft creating a cloud gaming service?
3. GTA V is coming in the spring of 2013
4. EA is anticipating the failure of Medal of Honor: Warfighter

Open To The Public:

  • Do you think the Star Wars franchise is in good hands?

The Evil Cast:

  • Jedi Masters: Chris Nitz, Keri Honea, Ross Polly and Blake Grundman

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