Song of the Day: It’s Bad Luck to be You (from The Bard’s Tale)

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InXile’s 2004 action RPG The Bard’s Tale was a peculiar game indeed. While it shared its name with the 1985 title from Interplay, it was a very different beast indeed — rather than being a party-based first-person dungeon crawler, it was a top-down action RPG; rather than being fairly straight-laced fantasy, it was a spoof of fantasy tropes, delivering its story with a wink and a smile. It was also noteworthy for featuring some highly entertaining voice acting from Cary Elwes, who plays the titular Bard — the player character — and from Tony Jay, whose narration makes his distaste for the player character evident at every opportunity.

The game features a number of songs throughout, of which the one above is just one example. It’s Bad Luck to be You recurs a number of times throughout the course of the game, with slightly different lyrics each time.

There’s not enough breaks for songs in modern games.

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