News: 1994 Adventure ‘Dreamweb’ Now Freeware

ScummVM has announced that due to the generosity of original developers Creative Reality and Neil Dodwell, the gritty 1994 cyberpunk adventure Dreamweb is now available as a freeware title. You can now download the game for free from ScummVM’s downloads page, either to play “as is” if you have a compatible setup or to use within the ScummVM software.

Dreamweb is a top-down point-and-click adventure which was noteworthy at the time for being a rather more mature experience than players were typically used to from the genre. The game casts you in the role of bartender Ryan, who has been plagued with strange dreams. In the last of these dreams before the game starts, Ryan is given the role of “deliverer” and tasked with killing the “seven evils” who have united to break the titular Dreamweb. Thus begins a rather dark adventure which drew considerable praise at the time for being fairly uncompromising and mature in tone, even going so far as to include a sex scene — unheard of in other games at the time.

It’s an unusual, interesting game that is well worth a look if you missed it first time around — particularly as you can now legally acquire it for free. Grab it here.

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