EvilCast Recap, Episode #144


The revolving door of cast members is once again at work, this week drawing Keri away on vacation. In an attempt to blindly soldier on without the voice of reason, Chris, Ross and Blake stumble through talk of a newly announced Metal Gear film, Spec Ops creator speaking out on the cancer of tacked-on multiplayer design, and eSports teams getting put in their place.

This week GameStop announced plans to open up a site to sell off their back library of retro video games.  Following suit, Ross decided to compose his Top 5: “Savy Moves Game Companies Will Make Next.” In an industry where Square Enix can re-release the same game every five years, these seem like brilliant ideas.

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Links to Topics Discussed

1. A Metal Gear movie is in production
2. Multiplayer was a waste of time and money for Spec Ops: The Line
3. PlayStation Vita lands 26 more PS1 Classics
4. Popular eSports teams are accused of collusion

Open To The Public:

  • Do you like farming games as much as Blake?

The Evil Cast:

  • Trifecta of Terrible: Chris Nitz, Ross Polly and Blake Grundman

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