News: Tokyo Jungle Confirmed for September 25 PSN Release

Action-adventure Tokyo Jungle from PlayStation C.A.M.P and Crispy’s has been attracting the attention of many players recently due to its ballsy, bizarre concept, in which humanity has disappeared from the planet and it’s up to a selection of animals (with a strong emphasis on Pomeranian dogs) to save the day. For a while, it was looking as if this quirky title might not make it out of Japan, but the PlayStation Blog confirmed yesterday that the game would be coming to North American and European PlayStation 3 users in late September — the 25th for North America and the 26th for Europe.

The game offers 50 playable animals across two different game modes. Story mode casts players in the role of many different animals as they aim to unravel the mystery of what happened to the human race. Survival mode, meanwhile, sees players hunting, occupying territories and breeding in order to resist extinction in the post-apocalyptic ruins of Japan’s capital.

Best of all? It’ll set you back just $14.99 for what looks like a considerable amount of entertainment value. Watch out for it next month.

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