EvilCast Recap, Episode #143 — SpoilerCast: Spec Ops: The Line


Every once in a while the stars align and Ross, Keri and Blake somehow managed to produce a solid episode.  This happens to be one of those weeks!  Once again joining our madness is Matthew Green of PressTheButtons.com, filling in his usual role as the voice of sanity. Sadly, the last seven days were quite the downer for gaming news including OnLive going out of business… kinda, Nintendo Power ending its influential run on newstands everywhere and even layoffs at PopCap.  Told ya things were bad…

In place of a Top 5 this week, the crew sits down to discuss one of the biggest surprise successes of this year: Spec Ops: The Line.  They have a no holds barred talk about everything from plot points to game mechanics. Let’s just say there is a reason why they call them SpoilerCasts.

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Links to Topics Discussed

1. OnLive was in serious financial trouble
2. Nintendo Power to close up shop in December
3. Sony shuts down Wipeout developers
4. Ubisoft claims absurd piracy rates on PC

Open To The Public:

  • What did YOU think of Spec Ops: The Line?

The Evil Cast:

  • Four Freedom Fighters: Matthew Green, Ross Polly, Keri Honea and Blake Grundman

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