EvilCast Recap, Episode #139


It just seems to be one of those weeks where everything is going wrong.  Thank goodness we have Matthew Green of PressTheButtons.com to help steady the ship in Chris and Keri’s absence.  Some of the big points hit on this week included Zynga’s CEO going under investigation for insider trading, the disaster that could be Windows 8 and Metacritic now becoming a requirement for job applications.  What the hell is the matter with companies these days?

Remember how we said nothing was going right this week?  Things were so bleak that Ross came up with his Top 5: “Fake Quotes From Game Developers” Sure, it may not be his best effort, but at least he tried!

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Links to Topics Discussed

1. Shenanigans are afoot with Zynga’s CEO
2. Gabe Newell takes a dump all over Windows 8
3. Irrational Games makes metacritic scores an application requirement
4. Just Cause 2 developer complains about excessive DLC

Open To The Public:

  • How do you feel about Metacritic now being a required bulletpoint?

The Evil Cast:

  • The Three Horsemen: Matthew Green, Ross Polly and Blake Grundman

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