We get it, Internet, you hate EA

Congratulations, internet. Once again your priorities are in a very odd place.

EA, the company responsible for such things as Madden, Mass Effect, Medal of Honor and many other games, has now been listed as the worst company in America, according to voters on a The Consumerist internet poll. EA, a gaming company, beat out one of the biggest banks and mortgage holders in the country, Bank of America, to win this esteemed title.

Whether or not you voted in this poll, one thing is for certain: The internet may have lost its preverbal damn mind with this one. Sure, EA has had its gaffs with PR moves with the $10 online pass and most recently the day one DLC with Mass Effect 3, but let’s consider the company it beat out.

My day job is working primarily in Bankruptcy law. I deal with a lot of individuals who have been hit hard as a result of the economic downturn and the abysmal housing situation the US is dealing with at the moment. One company, whose very loans have been responsible for a sizable amount of foreclosures and bad loans, is Bank of America. BoA has faced a lot of criticism in how it handles customers who are trying to modify their loans to a more manageable rate or payment. From my own personal experience, their customer service with clients I deal with is atrocious. BoA has also been on the forefront of charging consumers to have a bank account. A friend of mine whom I’ve met through the internet is dealing with a situation currently where he is being charged by BoA to have his unemployment funds cashed by their bank.

But wait, it gets better. Bank of America has also been involved in a number of gigantic lawsuits due to its dealing with mortgages. In August 2011, American Internal Group, Inc. filed a $10 Billion lawsuit against BoA. Subsequently, in September of 2011, a class action lawsuit totaling $57.5 billion was filed against Bank of America for mortgage backed securities that BoA sold to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (two of the big companies who are continually brought up when discussing the mortgage crisis). Everyone from Wikileaks to Anonymous, to even the state of Arizona, have had choice words, evidence and investigations into Bank of America’s dealings in the financial sector.

Sure, I understand, EA has made some pretty terrible moves. They locked up the NFL license allowing them to be the only company who can make football games. They also dropped day one DLC in
Mass Effect 3, a move usually reserved for Capcom. There have also been reports of mistreatment of employees, and of course complaints of DRM issues. But let us examine this issue a little more closely; we’re talking a company who makes entertainment vs. a company who deals with the economy and our very livelihoods. According to this vote, we as consumers are more worried about EA charging us for Battlefield 3 servers than we are about whether or not we will have a roof over our heads. To me, that notion is downright ludicrous.

So, internet, you’ve made your case known. You hate EA. We all get it. I can respect your dislike. Afterall, I’m sure the ending to Mass Effect 3 really mattered in your everyday life. I mean, it probably gave people something to distract them from the fact people can barely hold a job right now, and having an even harder time holding on to their homes.

Congrats internet, you’ve won.

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