News: Phil Harrison Moves To Microsoft

Former Sony executive Phil Harrison appears to have accepted an appointment at his former competitor, according to  Harrison is said to be taking command of all of Microsoft Game Studios Europe, in the role formerly occupied by Lionhead Studios’ Peter Molyneux.  Molyneux left Microsoft recently to join indie developer 22-Cans.

Though Harrison is most famously known by followers of the gaming industry for his association with Sony, he has also previously held positions with London Venture Partners (where he remains as an advisor) as well as Atari.    With Harrison’s widespread connections in the industry in both Europe and Asia, it will be interesting to see whether Microsoft’s new executive can improve the strength of the Xbox brand in those markets – and perhaps deliver a few interesting speeches in the meantime.   Maybe he’ll even put Rare back on track to delivering something interesting for hardcore gamers rather than relegating them to producing Kinect shovelware…  but that’s probably just wishful thinking.

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