6 Responses to “Evil.JP: I’ve Been Trolled By Square Enix”

  1. Mr Common Sense says:

    I used to be frustrated too but looking at the bigger picture made me realize a few things about companies like Square.

    First of all: Look up the New World Order. It may sound completely BS at first but if you look at it in a bigger and spiritual perspective it will make sense why we are having these problems with mega corporations taking over since the 1920s with the evolution vs creation debate which fucked a lot of otherwise honest hard-working people up when they took *God* out of the schools.

    Contrary to popular beliefs nobody forced kids to pray to God at gunpoint and many kids could opt out of praying all together and just listen if others wanted to continue but the Liberal BS frowns upon opposition.
    It just takes time for the effects to hit home which we are feeling the pinch today and worse is to come.

    Hitler didn't become violent right away and many people thought it was hogwash while praising him for getting the country out of debt from WW1

    And believe it or not Hitler started the whole idea of recycling and making parks for Germany as they believed The Jews were evil for working in the dirty cities and you should worship nature but that's another topic.

    Our situation today has gone way beyond being a capitalist as to be a capitalist you have to allow room for competition in the *free* market but now a days if you can't sell your products instead of allowing others to compete you play dirty tricks to force them out of business so your company will be the only one left then jack your prices up and stifle being creative.

    I seriously doubt Square Enix is ran by the older staff and likely has a bunch of young hippy people with no sense of economics whatsoever and are told by their young friends who succeed in dirty business tricks.

    That's called being a monopoly and the United Nations are in on the whole scam from the top down which everything is being put into place the way they want it.

  2. Mr Common Sense says:

    Also I am sure with the way Square Enix behaves they are nothing short of a forefront doing very illegal activities under ground as they can't let them selves look TOO suspicious so they try to do things they know will create flame wars on forums like this one such as the infamous C & D letters anytime someone starts a fan project.

    By the way. How do these websites even know it's not just a clever troll that sent the C and D letters in the first place since they haven't heard from Square?

    Sometimes it's better to be safe then sorry but there are other times when to use common sense to decide if something or someone is a threat.

    In other words
    They don't want games to be meaningful as they are part of the New World Order to slowly brainwash kids into accepting without resistance as it's easier to control a slave who doesn't realize he is a slave.

    . The FF cash cow is a distraction too to prevent investigating by the authorities.

  3. Mr Common Sense says:

    I wouldn't be surprised if in the near future Square Enix gets busted up for some kind of drug ring by the local authorities and all the hardcore FF people will be from "How the fuck could this have happened to my beloved company!" to "This story must be fake!" to "You're all trolls for reacting to this obviously fake story" until reality sets in that Square Enix aren't the same people.

    I am sure the older people retired and are hopefully kicking themselves in the ass for allowing young business people who don't really give a damn to run the place

  4. Mr Common Sense says:

    Sorry for so many posts but I didn't want it to be one long drawn out thing.

  5. stefan says:

    agreed with the author, this game ruined XIII and i will not be buying DLC's or the next game for that matter.

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