EvilCast Recap, Episode #116

EvilCastThe PlayStation Vita launch week has finally arrived!  In honor of this momentous event, the entire cast has reunited to discuss all things Vita.  Except there was one small snag: Ross doesn’t exactly own one yet. But more on that later… Before diving into the deep end with Sony news, the team discusses California’s hefty bills due to failed gaming legislation.  This is then followed up with talk of Sony’s excuse for using proprietary memory cards and Jack Tretton’s hopes of breaking a half million Vitas sold in the United States in the first three weeks.

Thanks to an impressive response to this week’s community question requesting your impressions of the PlayStation Vita, the Top 5 was given an episode off.  Instead, we heard from the likes of Matthew Green of Power Button Podcast fame, Tiffany Nevin from GamingAngels.com, Jasmine Rea of Bitmob.com, Nick Michetti from PlayStationLifestyle.net, and our very own news maven and staff writer extraordinaire, Michael Migliacio.  Thanks to all of their calls, the discussion of the PlayStation Vita was deeper (not to mention longer) than we could have ever imagined. Poor Ross has never been more bored in his entire life…  Though it is one of our longest EvilCasts on record, we promise it will be well worth your time.

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Links to Topics Discussed:

1. California wasted two million taxpayer dollars trying to combat gaming.

2. New Vita memory cards are supposedly to combat piracy, not leech consumers.

3. Sony aiming for 500,000 Vitas sold within three weeks of NA launch?

Open To The Public:

  • What do you think of the PlayStation Vita and did you buy one at launch?

The Evil Cast:

  • Three Vita owners and the odd man out: Chris Nitz, Keri Honea, Ross Polly and Blake Grundman

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