EvilCast Recap, Episode #110

EvilCastKeri is back and in full effect, as the full cast reunites for the first time in 2012.  This epic drunken sloshfest is a throwback to the old days that will no doubt take you back to a simpler time, back before the vile scourge known as SOPA.  But the cast isn’t here to discuss politics, they are here to talk about games.  This week their hitlist includes OnLive moving into the desktop virtualization business, Diablo III being confirmed for consoles and CD Projekt dropping their lawsuit against pirates.

Remember our 2011 predictions show from last year?  Well Ross has dug back into the archives to remind us what idiots we all are.  Plus, we have Matt Green of the Power Button Podcast chime in with some of his own predictions for 2012.  Nothing like listening to hosts making fools of themselves, right?  Be sure not to miss the massive blooper reel for this week, just to see how crazy it got!

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Links to Topics Discussed:

1. Witcher 2 developer calls off the legal dogs

2. Diablo III confirmed for consoles!!!

3. OnLive is going ‘To the CLOUD’

Open To The Public:

  • What are your gaming predictions for 2012?

The Evil Cast:

  • By your powers combined: Keri Honea, Chris Nitz, Ross Polly, and Blake Grundman

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