Release of the Week: DiRT 3 (360, PS3, PC)

After last week’s double hitter of huge releases, this week is a little more targeted. Codemasters is bringing back its critically acclaimed rally car racing series back with DiRT 3. Most simulation racing games will throw in rally cars as a change of pace, DiRT has been the go to series for all the slipping and sliding of rally car racing.

The DiRT 3 campaign looks pretty standard. Each race boosts your reputation, which will lead you to new sponsors. Rather than earning money and buying new cars yourself, sponsors and teams simply give you new cars based on your driver level. In addition to racing, a Gymkahana mode will challenge your precision driving through various obstacle courses as you try to rack up points.

While the single player is all about simulating an exhilarating rally car experience, the multiplayer modes lighten up a little. Game modes will involve everything from Capture the Flag to spreading a zombie infection. Because every game needs zombies. There is also a mode that involves running over cardboard robots for points. GLaDOS would be appalled.

Whether it’s intense racing in a snow storm on a tight course or participating in a goofy online match, DiRT 3 has a lot to offer racing fans. If you just want eye candy, the weather effects are pretty spectacular. Probably not for everyone, but DiRT 3 is at least worth a look.

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