Order DC Universe From Your Couch

Color us excited that this previously disk-only MMO set in the DC Universe is coming to the Playstation Network. No release date as of yet, but the news itself brings us to tears of joy. When we’re already having to pay $15 a month for online play, which is the only way a MMO works, buying a physical disk just seems so…archaic. Thanks be to the gaming gods that Sony has gone the way of Blizzard in allowing fans to purchase the game and download it directly to their PS3 hard drive. According to the Playstation Blog:

DC Universe Online will be available for download at the Playstation Store for $59.99 USD. The game includes 30-days of free gameplay, with a monthly game play fee of $14.99 thereafter. We also have bundled packs that give you more game play for less, a six-month subscription package is available for $77.99 USD with a 12-month subscription selling for $134.99 USD.

Yeah, it’s pricey, but there’s bound to be a price reduction or Plus member sale in the near future, as most digitally delivered games go that route to drive sales numbers. Keep it tuned right here for more on the release timing as we find it out.

Source: Playstation blog via GamePro

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