EvilCast Recap, Episode #57

EvilCastThe parting of the Red Sea, turning water into wine, and the creation of humanity… God has made all of these great miracles and wonders of the world possible, but none even begin to compare to his greatest creation yet: the first ever Power Button / EvilCast Recap podcast crossover extravaganza.  Featuring guest appearances from Matt Green, Joey Davidson, and Brad Hilderbrand, the usual cast of Keri, Chris, Ross and Blake saunter mindlessly through some of the week’s biggest stories including Harmonix becoming available to the highest bidder, Nintendo declaring that only they can be “On like Donkey Kong”, and the Kinect becoming a surprise success.  This is one of those episodes you just can’t afford to miss!

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Links to Topics Discussed:
1. Imagine that, Call of Duty: Black Ops sold like gangbusters!

2. Harmonix is up for sale?

3. Nintendo visits the trademark office…

4. Gamestop predicts Kinect to out-move Move.

Open To The Public:

  • Would an image like this make you laugh too?

The Evil Cast:

  • A cast that loves to spew their hatred: Matt Green, Joey Davidson, Brad Hilderbrand, Chris Nitz, Keri Honea, Ross Polly and Blake Grundman

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