Schilling Retires from Baseball to Make an MMO

schillingWhen you think of Curt Schilling, things like All-Star Games, World Series Championships and Cy Young awards all come to mind.  In a world that is focused on aspirations of greatness, the future Hall of Famer has accomplished everything that epitomizes success for a professional athlete.  However, many don’t realize that Schilling is a hardcore gamer as well.

Having played every MMO since the introduction of Ultima Online, he is unapologetic committed to gaming as a form of entertainment.  Those who know him best are even familiar the family game nights when his wife and kids would take part in group raids, Everquest style.  That is some pretty heavy nerd cred if you ask me.

Earlier this week Schilling announced his retirement from Major League Baseball, leaving many in the sports community scratching their head.  It seems that he wants to spend more time with his family and work on the development of an MMO.  In 2006 he decided to pursue his dream of making a game by founding 38 Studios.

Yesterday, Adam Sessler of G4TV, had the opportunity to sit down with Curt and discuss his views on gaming and what he is envisioning for the future of MMOs.  His answers may actually surprise you…

So do you think he can make the jump from Major League legend to game developer?

At first I was skeptical, but after viewing the video above, it has become very apparent that Schilling knows exactly what he is doing.  Not only does he seem professional, but he is well informed on the topic of gaming.  This is no fly-by-night side project, and he looks to be in this for the long haul.

Who knows… this might be the birth of another face to champion gaming to the masses.


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