God of War: A History (Part II)


By defeating Ares, Kratos, the once mortal warrior had become the new God of War. However, Kratos soon found himself alone and shunned by the other gods, but that was fine, he had no need for the love of petty gods. He had found a new family in the Spartan warriors, bringing his dreams of spreading Spartan rule throughout the world to reality. One by one, cities fell under Kratos’ watchful eye.  As you would expect, with each fallen city, the wrath of Olympus grew. Though Athena gave him warning, Kratos could not be stopped. For he had turned his painful memories into hatred for the gods that had refused to relieve him from the nightmares of his past transgressions.

The Uncontrollable Hate

Feeling even more hate now that he had spoken with Athena, Kratos fell to earth to fight alongside his Spartan army.  He hoped to deal the final blow to Rhodes himself. Crashing down into the middle of the battlefield, Kratos began crushing buildings with his fists, only to be struck down by an eagle, which he believes to be Athena in disguise. The eagle robs Kratos of most of his godly powers and infuses them in the Colossus of Rhodes.  Thw gigantic statue is brought to life with only one objective: kill Kratos. The battle between Kratos and the Colossus rages on for what seems like eternity, leaving Kratos no hope of destroying the beast. It is at this point that Zeus rips the sky apart and strikes the Blade of Olympus down into the ground near Kratos, offering him help to destroy the Colossus. As with any godly gift, there’s a catch. In order to use the Blade of Olympus, Kratos must infuse what remains of his godly powers into the blade making him mortal, but allowing him to win this battle. After reluctantly surrendering his powers yo the blade, Kratos defeats the Colossus.

gow2As the Colossus falls to the ground, Kratos looks to the skies and shouts to the gods, “do you see gods of Olympus? Do you need more proof than this?” While the Colossus is falling down, his hand slams down on top of Kratos, leaving him severely wounded. Kratos knows that he must retrieve the Blade of Olympus in order to regain his godly powers and survive his wounds. As he staggers towards the sword the eagle returns, swooping down and reshaping into Zeus himself. Stunned by this, Kratos realizes that Zeus has betrayed him in order to save himself from the fate of Ares. Zeus fears Kratos will be his downfall, however he offers an option to live, so long as Kratos serves him for all eternity. Naturally rejecting this offer, Kratos leaves Zeus no choice but to end his life. As Zeus thrusts the Blade of Olympus through Kratos, he leaves the parting words, “everything you have ever known Kratos, will now suffer because of your sacrilege. You will never be the ruler of Olympus, the cycle ends here.” Pulling the blade from Kratos’ body, Zeus swings it in the direction of the Spartan army and everyone in the wave of destruction is obliterated. Kratos lives just long enough to watch his Spartan brothers fall, and in his last breath looks to his god and says, “you will pay for this Zeus, be certain of that.” The dark arms of Hades reached up to claim their prize, pulling Kratos towards an eternity of torment in their fiery depths.

To Hell And Back

When all hope seems lost, Gaia, the mother of the Titans, reveals herself to Kratos and offers an alliance. Gaia has watched over Kratos his entire life and states now that she can no longer stand by and simply observe. She herself is an enemy of the Olympians and seeks revenge for the Titans punishment and humiliation. Accepting the alliance, Gaia tells Kratos, “I will show you the way to the Sisters of Fate, only with their power will you defeat Zeus.” It is at that point that Kratos returns to consciousness, pulls his blades out and begins hacking away at the arms of Hades, setting himself free. Emerging from the clutches of Hades once again, Kratos is aided by Pegasus, though it’s not the aid he was expecting. Yelling at the beast to turn around and head for Olympus, Gaia gives Kratos a dose of reality. “You are no longer a God Kratos. Zeus, Olympus and the blade which holds all your power will forever more be out of reach.” Gaia continues, “Your only hope is to find the Sisters of Fate and travel back through time to the moment Zeus betrayed you, for only then will he be truly vulnerable.”

mm-lunchThe first stop on this new quest would have Pegasus dropping Kratos off near Prometheus, whom is being devoured by an eagle as punishment handed down by Zeus. Prometheus had taken (some say stolen) the fire of the gods and given it to man. After doing so Zeus had Prometheus chained down and eaten alive by an eagle every day for eternity, while healing over night. Upon the sight of Kratos, Prometheus begs for his release. Removing the chains from his wrists, Prometheus falls into the fire of Olympus and endures pain for the final time. Released from his hell, the powers he once held rush into Kratos’ body, empowering him with the Titan’s strength.

The Truth Behind It All

“Why do you aid me Gaia?” Kratos demands, allowing Gaia to explain everything. She reflected back to a time before Zeus was born, a time when the mighty Titan Cronus ruled the Golden Age. Cronus ruled along side his Titan sister and wife Rhea, with whom he had many children. They swallowed all of the children as soon as they were born, due to the Oracle’s prediction that said his own children would rise up against him.

Standing by and watching her children devoured one by one, Rhea could not bare the loss of another child. She devised a trick to save her baby Zeus. Commanding an eagle to take her beloved baby to an island far beyond the watchful eye of Cronus, she then proceeded to place a rock inside baby Zeus’ blanket for Cronus to swallow. The plan had worked as Rhea hoped, Cronus was far to large to notice a difference as he ripped the cronusground out from under the “baby” and swallowed everything whole.

Gaia watched over baby Zeus, keeping him safe and nurturing his passion to free his brothers from Cronus. But this act of compassion backfired on Gaia, for the minute Zeus attacked Cronus, he betrayed all of the Titans for the sins of his father, even Gaia, who was the sole reason for his survival.

Feeling The Power Rush

With the combined power of the Titans now flowing through Kratos, he is brought to the Island of Creation, home to the Sisters of Fate. The Island of Creation isn’t welcoming of strangers and is fraught with danger, helping to keep all away from the Sisters. Should Kratos succeed in his venture, the power of the Sisters could return him back to the very moment that Zeus betrayed him, allowing him to turn the tables on his fate.

As Kratos searched the Island of Creation for his fate changing Sisters, he runs into Theseus, the lonian founding hero, considered by Athenians as their own great reformer. Mocking Kratos, Theseus laughs, “the Ghost of Sparta… you seek the sisters to kill Zeus? You no longer possess the powers of a god, Kratos. I doubt your capable of killing me, let alone the king of Olympus.” Kratos shoots back, “Let me pass and I will let you live old man.” Spinning his staff Theseus grins and says, “I do not think that is your choice to make. Come forward and let us finally see who is the greatest warrior in all of Greece.” After a brief battle, the great warrior Theseus falls and Kratos takes hold of his key, allowing him to continue on his quest towards the Sisters.

Though Theseus is now dead, the dangers of the Island of Creation are still very present. Just as it seems Kratos might have his audience with the Sisters, a crazed Icarus interrupts. The winged warrior feels it is no one’s right but his own to seek the Sisters of Fate, tackling Kratos off a cliff. He had made a fatal mistake, as Kratos quickly rips the wings from his body and uses them to glide down to the earth below, while Icarus is left to plummet to his death.

To Be Continued…

What will become of Kratos now that he has lost his way to the Sisters? Will he make it back to the chambers that hold his fate? Find out in God of War: A History (Part III) coming soon!


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