Games Are Evil: The Weekly Rewind

We made it through Week 1 here at GamesAreEvil HQ! The stat gods tell us that plenty of you are showing up to read, so thanks a ton for taking the ride with us – but uh – there’s no gag order in play: Make some noise!

Every Sunday night, one of our exhausted & unpaid Editors will get jacked up on caffeine and review the week’s highlights in case you missed ‘em the first time around. Tonight, that editor is yours truly. So, crank this up, and let’s dive in.

XBOX 360 Rewind:

  • Apparently the glut of sub-par Live Arcade games is running out, because Phil gives 3 confident “Buy It” recommendations for last week’s downloadable titles. Check out his Live Arcade Weekly Roundup.
  • Rob discusses Bartenders-turned-Assassins, old guy gaming, and Kristen Bell in his “Assassin’s Creed” review.
  • What happens when you don’t consider yourself a casual gamer, but are hopelessly addicted to games that begin with “Super” and/or end with “HD?” Find out.
  • Comic-Con: Hands on with Street Fighter IV

PS3 Rewind:

  • Well folks, we’re slacking in the PS3 department. It’s not that we don’t want to show the love, it’s just that we’re too busy playing PixelJunk Eden. I got my hands dirty with a quick YouTube upload. (Since then? I’ve probably indulged 12 hours in this highly addictive, ambient, and stylish title.)

Portable Rewind:

Retro Rewind (now THAT sounds appropriate!):

Wii Rewind:

  • Harry Potter junkies are NOT going to like this.

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